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Zymol Cleaner + Carnauba Wax & Polish

Make your Singer Featherweight really sparkle with this all-natural cleanse and carnauba wax and polish set.  Be sure to watch the video demonstration below or review the Singer-Featherweight Schoolhouse tutorial to learn how to clean and wax your machine properly.  Note:  The instructions on the Zymol containers are for automobiles. However, for sewing machines follow the instructions below in the video tutorial.  (You do not want to wash your sewing machine like you would an automobile.) 



Because it is impossible to know what environments, chemicals, cleaning agents and other products old sewing machines have been exposed to over the years, it is always wise with any cleaning or polishing product, to find an inconspicuous spot on your machine and sample a very small area first, slowly working out little by little to make sure it does not have any reactions.  Even previous exposure to extreme heat and cold weather conditions can affect how the surface