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Featherweight Carrying Bag


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Available in black or red canvas and is the perfect carrying bag for traveling by airline with your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K.  FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

If you are traveling by airplane and want to bring your Singer Featherweight along, this is the carry bag we recommend.  Padded, lightweight and super compact, it is designed specifically for the Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K.  Bag has two outer pockets - one for the foot controller, and the other for your manual or quilt patterns (or your airline tickets!).  The compact size will allow you to pack your machine along safely at your side as you travel and is still small enough to store under most airline seats or overhead compartments.  We still strongly suggest removing the spool pin coverplate and bobbin winder, and pack some batting (or fabric!) around the machine parts for extra padding.  This will serve as an extra precaution in case of in-flight shifting or turbulence. 

The reason we suggest using this bag for airline travel, versus using the actual case, is because April once flew from Idaho to Vermont carrying her machine in the standard Featherweight case.  She didn't have any troubles, until she boarded the last plane from New York flying to Vermont (a 20-minute flight).  The plane was so small that the overhead bins and space under the seats would not allow for the Featherweight case and she was required to check the machine at the gate.  The spool pin coverplate was already removed, but the bobbin winder did not survive and she arrived at her sewing retreat with a broken bobbin winder.  This padded case would have been ideal because of its smaller compact size!