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Quilt preparation

  • Square your quilt top and trim threads. Dark threads will show through light colored fabric and detract from the beauty of your quilt.
  • Fix borders so they lay flat
  • Square your quilt backing. Backing must be 8 inches wider & longer than your quilt top. Note: This means 4″ on top, 4″ on bottom, 4″ on each side. More is okay but not better.
  • Press your quilt and backing fabric. Make sure seams are pressed flat.
  • Mark the top edge of your quilt top and back if it is not obvious.
  • If you do not purchase your batting from me, provide batting the same size as the backing.
  • For borderless quilts with lots of edge seams, please top-stitch around the entire edge. Be sure the seams and edges lie flat.
  • If we’re doing an edge-to-edge design select your longarm digital pattern. I have patterns here on the website, and there are several great digital pattern sources on line. Links are provided on my “Links” page. Feel free to shop for just the right pattern. I’m willing to buy the pattern subject to some reasonable limits such as pricing and appropriateness.
  • Provide one yard of fabric for binding if you’re having me do the binding.
  • Complete an order form and enclose it with your quilt.
  • Call or Email to receive an accurate price quote for your quilt.
  • Please email me a pictures before you ship your quilt. I’d like to see your quilt–front, back and close-up before you send it.
  • As a courtesy, please be sure your materials are clean and free of pet hair. My studio is 100% pet free because I have quilters who are sensitive to pet hair.
  • Ship your quilt materials to me in a box. Envelopes often tear and get stuffed into mail boxes which may cause damage to your quilt. I want it delivered to my door for safety so make the box bigger than a mail box.