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Zippered Snowflake Pillow featuring Chenille-It

In this class you will learn how to
  • use Chenille-It to create a snowflake
  • make a zippered pillow cover

Required supplies:

2/3 yd fabric for pillow base

1/2 yd shape flex interfacing (SF 101)

24” zipper

5/8” white chenille-it

Pillow form


Fabric marking pen

Sewing Machine with zig zag stitch

Scissors, pins, thread, etc.

*All classes are subject to cancellation or rescheduling if the need arises.  If a class has to be cancelled or rescheduled and you are unable to attend the new class your class fee will be refunded to your shop account.

**Cancellations without 2 weeks notice are not refundable.
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Stacie Doxey

Zippered Snowflake Pillow featuring Chenille-It

$ 29.99
Class Fee