Heirloom 80/20 Black Cotton Blend Batting


Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Black Cotton Blend is highly recommended for quilt tops created in black, navy or other dark colors. It is made using dyed cotton fibers to provide quilters with a batting that will not create light fiber lint on the quilt top during the quilting process.

This product is manufactured in the same manner as our Premium 80/20 in the natural cotton. This batting is made with 80% dyed cotton and 20% polyester. It is lightly needle punched and resin bonded to provide exceptional strength and durability.

Black Cotton Blend is wonderful to quilt by hand or machine. Close quilting yields a flat low loft appearance while more space between stitching lines yields a slightly higher loft. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 4” apart.

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Available Sizes: 90×108 Queen, 120×120 King, 108 Roll/ 30 yds

Type: 80% Cotton, 20% Poly-Resin, Bonded & Needlepunched
Approx. Loft: 1/8+”
Shrinkage: 3-5%
Distance Between Stitches: Up to 4″

Hand Quilting: Excellent, test with fabric
Machine Quilting: Excellent
Dark Fabrics: Excellent
Light Fabrics: Not Recommended

Pre-Wash: Not Recommended

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Available Sizes

90×108 Queen, 120×120 King


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