Heirloom 100% Natural Cotton Batting w/ Scrim


Heirloom® Premium 100% Natural Cotton with Scrim is designed for quilters seeking extra strength in cotton batting. Soft and gentle, Natural Cotton with Scrim batting is perfect for quilts when low loft is desired. It becomes softer after each washing.

This easy to handle batting is made with high grade natural cotton combined with a very thin scrim (stabilizer) needle punched into the batting fibers. This scrim provides superior strength over cotton alone, and prevents the batting from stretching and distorting. The fiber used to create this batting is a very clean, unbleached long staple virgin cotton and proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated seal.

Natural with Scrim cotton should be used with medium or dark fabrics. If used with light colored fabrics, unbleached cotton can slightly darken white and pastel colors. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 8” apart.

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Available Sizes: 36×45 Craft, 90×108 Queen, 120×120 King

Type: Needlepunched w/ scrim binder
Approx. Loft: 1/8+”
Shrinkage: 3-5%
Distance Between Stitches: Up to 8″

Hand Quilting: Good, test with fabric
Machine Quilting: Excellent
Dark Fabrics: Excellent
Light Fabrics: Good, test with fabric

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Available Sizes

36×45 Craft, 90×108 Queen, 120×120 King


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